Ivangorod City
Associated Partner 5 to "Mineral"

Administration of municipal formation «City Ivangorod Kingisepp municipal district of Leningrad Region» www.ivangorod.ru

The municipality of Ivangorod is the beneficiary of the project. Partner needs the information on quality and quantity of water in the river Narva for use in water supply, navigation, fisheries and recreational purposes. 

The partner will be involved in all the meetings and seminars (organized in both countries) on the results of the project at its various stages. It will help disseminate information on the most significant outputs of the project, directly related to its scope of activities. The partner will help to organize events and field measurements in the region of its location. 

The project offers benefit for activities outside the water sector as well, such as socio-economic assessment, investment strategies, construction of buildings, reduced energy usage, support agriculture, providing public recreation opportunities for over thousands people etc.