•  29-08-2020 10:00 - 29-08-2020 16:00
  •   Ivangorod, Leningrad Oblast, Russia

On August 29, 2020 the 3rd International EcoMarathon has ended by spectacular sport duathlon in Ivangorod, Russia. 139 professional and nonprofessional sportsmen from Russia came together to explore natural heritage of Ivangorod district while rafting on Narva River and then cycling. Estonia citizens supported the sportsmen from Estonian side of Narva River.

  •  20-07-2020 10:00 - 22-07-2020 18:00
  •   Health and educational center "Rosson", Kingiseppsky district, Russia

On 20 -22 July 2020 the 3rd international Eco Marathon has been organized in children's health and educational center "Rosson" in Kingiseppsky district, Russia. The overall aim of the Eco Marathon was to promote sustainable water management and raise awareness about Narva River ecological state.

  •  12-11-2019 12:00 - 20-03-2020 12:00
  •   Ivangorod/Narva

From November 2019 till March 2020 many public activities were organized within the Winter Eco Marathon in the framework of NarvaWatMan project. The activities took place in two cities: Narva (Estonia) and Ivangorod (Russia). The main goal of the Winter Eco Marathon was to raise people’s awareness regarding environmental issues within the Narva River catchment area, including the investigation of Narva River water resources, nuclear pollution in its catchment area, ecological state of the Gulf of Finland, etc. For that purpose, several lectures and educational master classes were held in Narva and Ivangorod schools, as well as in open access places (restaurant, Ivangorod fortress).

  •  27-07-2019 10:00 - 27-07-2019 17:30
  •   Ivangorod promenade and fortress, Russia

On 27 July 2019 in Ivangorod (Russia) the multiphase Eco Marathon running within the ER25NarvaWanMan project has come to its end. The overall aim of this event was raising awareness and partnership for sustainable use of Narva river water resources. The involvement of the wide public, the secondary school students, youths into the creative works was desirable.

  •  13-07-2019 00:00
  •   Linnuse 2, Narva, Estonia

On 13 July 2019 the EcoEvent was held in Narva (Estonia) within the "Narva River Day 2019" and as a part of ER25NarvaWatMan project Summer Eco Marathon.

  •  02-07-2019 12:00
  •   Ivangorod Cultural and Leisure Center, Russia

On 2 July 2019 the Summer Eco Marathon organized within ER25NarvaWatMan project has started in Ivangorod (Russia) by EcoArt event. This event was the first phase of the wide range of activities planned within Eco Marathon in Narva and Ivangorod cities. The overall aim of the Eco Marathon was raising public awareness and partnership for sustainable water management of transboundary Narva river.

  •  25-03-2019 03:26
  •   TalTech, Tallinn

The Grant Opening of the Project took place in Tallinn on March 26, 2019. More than 30 Estonian and Russian experts and stakeholders from the water sector, representatives from governmental organisations and municipalities, and international commissions came together for the common understanding of the compliance issues relating to the project.