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On 13 July 2019 the EcoEvent was held in Narva (Estonia) within the "Narva River Day 2019" and as a part of ER25NarvaWatMan project Summer Eco Marathon.

  • Date: 13-07-2019 00:00
  • Location: Linnuse 2, Narva, Estonia (Map)
  • More Info: Narva Joaoru Puhkeala


During this public event, the information about project as well as sustainable water use of Narva river was disseminated to Narva citizens. Children and youths could participate in interactive game "Who lives in Narva River?" and draw a poster, while their parents were answering questions regarding Narva river biodiversity. Analyses with different water types, including the water from Narva river were also conducted. Finally, the quiz concerning the ecological state of Narva river was performed and two smart kids won this competition.

You can find the programm of EcoEvent here: Programme_Narva eco event_13.07.2019.docx For more information concerning the "Narva River Day 2019" please visit:

Credit for the picture goes to ©Marija Klõga