23 Oct

The second stage of the ecological laboratory was held on October 16 in Ivangorod within the frameworks of the Russian‑Estonian project ER25 NarvaWatMan "Water resources management of the transboundary Narva River: harmonization and sustainability" of the Russia-Estonia cross-border cooperation program for the period of 2014-2020 years.

At the second stage, a hydrochemistry workshop was carried out, in which took part a group of schoolchildren from school № 1 together with several activists.

During the workshop, the participants refreshed their knowledge concerning the chemical composition of natural waters and water quality, as well as the factors that tend to affect them.

After a brief discussion, they were offered to conduct hydrochemical analyzes of two water samples independently: from the Narva River and the tap in order to compare the results.

Analyzes were made using simple methods (test-strips and test-systems), as well as using hydrochemical instruments such as colorimeters and a pH, conductivity and temperatures portable combo tester.

13 people took part in the event in total.

After the end of the workshop, all the participants were presented with memorable gifts with the symbols of the project, and an award was also given to all of those who had previously taken part in the first stage of the eco-laboratory (quiz, children's drawings).

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