Lead Partner

Tallinn University of Technology

The Lead Partner - the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) has great experience in participating and leading international cooperation projects. During the last decades the Department carried out many projects related to ecological assessment of water bodies, particularly aiming at improvement of water quality in the transboundary Lake Peipsi catchment area, including ecological aspects within the Narva river basin.

During the NarvaWatMan project implementation the Lead Partner will be responsible for overall coordination, communication and implementation of the project, ensuring, among other things, the credibility of project’s outcomes and wide dissemination; increase of project’s socio-economic impact and environmental awareness and involvement of national and regional stakeholders in follow up activities.

TalTeh will be also actively involved in all other project implementation activities (WP Core activity and WP Communication and Visibility)

Contact Person: alvina.reihan@talteh.ee