Управление водными ресурсами реки Нарвы: гармонизация и поддержание


About the Project

Nutrient pollution is a major water quality problem in the Baltic Sea and complete data on the waterborne nutrient inputs via rivers is particularly needed to address this problem. The Narva river forms the border between Estonia and Russia and in terms of its volume is the second largest river discharging into the Gulf of Finland. However, up to now Estonia and Russia use significantly different measured data and calculation methods for estimation of total nutrient load transported by the Narva river to the sea.
To overcome this mismatch the NarvaWatMan project was created.

The objective of the project is to develop a common calculation methodology for the Narva River water quality and quantity and to make recommendations for more effective measures to reduce pollution load from both countries.
For this goal, Estonian and Russian scientists will work together to:

  • Develop harmonized method for Narva river water runoff
  • Develop harmonized method for nutrient load estimation from the Narva river to the Baltic Sea
  • Elaborate common indicators, criteria and classification for water quality assessment
  • Prepare proposals for developing a joint methodology determining the share of contributions in the total nutrient load
  • Make recommendations for planning nutrient reduction measures in the Narva river catchment area in order to fulfill HELCOM nutrients reduction targets


  • 31-07-2019 00:00

The first series of joint water discharge measurements across the whole Narva river were accomplished in Narva and Ivangorod cities on 31 July 2019. The series of more than 12 water discharge measurements is the first stage for the development of harmonised method of the Narva river runoff estimation. This valuable information will allow to calculate pollution load to the Gulf of Finland more precisely.


  • 27-07-2019 10:00 - 27-07-2019 17:30
  • Ивангородская набережная и крепость, Россия

On 27 July 2019 in Ivangorod (Russia) the multiphase Eco Marathon running within the ER25NarvaWanMan project has come to its end. The overall aim of this event was raising awareness and partnership for sustainable use of Narva river water resources. The involvement of the wide public, the secondary school students, youths into the creative works was desirable.

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  • 13-07-2019 00:00
  • Linnuse 2, Нарва, Эстония

13 июля 2019 года в Нарве (Эстония) в рамках «Дня реки Нарвы 2019» и в рамках летнего эко-марафона проекта ER25NarvaWatMan был проведен ЭкоЭвент.

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  • 02-07-2019 12:00
  • Ивангородский культурно-досуговый центр, Россия

On 2 July 2019 the Summer Eco Marathon organized within ER25NarvaWatMan project has started in Ivangorod (Russia) by EcoArt event. This event was the first phase of the wide range of activities planned within Eco Marathon in Narva and Ivangorod cities. The overall aim of the Eco Marathon was raising public awareness and partnership for sustainable water management of transboundary Narva river.

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  • 25-03-2019 03:26
  • TalTech, Таллин

The Grant Opening of the Project took place in Tallinn on March 26, 2019. More than 30 Estonian and Russian experts and stakeholders from the water sector, representatives from governmental organisations and municipalities, and international commissions came together for the common understanding of the compliance issues relating to the project.

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Ведущий партнер

Таллиннский технологический университет

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Партнер 2

Федеральное государственное бюджетное учреждение "Государственный гидрологический институт" (ГГИ)

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Партнер 3

Государственное геологическое унитарное предприятие „Специальная компания" Минерал "

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Ассоциированные партнеры

Городская управа Нарвы

Ассоциированный партнер 4 для TalTech

Городское управление Нарвы, Департамент городского обслуживания

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Городская Управа Ивангорода

Ассоциированный партнер 5 «Минералу»

Администрация муниципального образования «Город Ивангород Кингисеппского муниципального района Ленинградской области»

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“This  publication  has  been  produced  with  the  financial  assistance  of  the  Estonia – Russia  Cross  Border  Cooperation  Programme  2014-2020.  The content of this publication is the sole responsibility of Tallinn University of Technology and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the Programme participating countries alongside with the European Union”.

“Эта публикация подготовлена при финансовой поддержке Программы приграничного сотрудничества «Россия-Эстония» на период 2014-2020 годов. Содержание данной публикации является исключительной ответственностью Таллинского Технического Университета и ни в коей мере не является отражением позиции стран-участниц Программы и Европейского Союза”.

“Antud väljaanne valmis Eesti-Vene piiriülese koostöö programmi 2014-2020 rahalise abiga. Selle väljaande sisu eest vastutab ainuisikuliselt Tallinna Tehnikaülikool ning selles kajastatu ei peegelda mingil juhul Programmis osalevate riikide ega Euroopa Liidu seisukohti.